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We bring you the Elders’ latest reflections, insight, and analysis on the COVID-19 pandemic.​

This covers the period 15 January – 15 February.


The Elders welcome President Biden’s decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement and express hope that his administration will support multilateral institutions to tackle the pandemic.


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ​speaks at the 2021 Doomsday Clock Announcement, highlighting that the disruption and devastation caused by COVID-19 is a timely reminder to take seriously all the existential threats we face


In Project Syndicate, Gro Harlem Brundtland argues that pandemic preparedness and response should be defined as a “global public good”, be properly funded and recognise the needs of the poor and marginalised. 


In the latest episode of the Finding Humanity podcast, Mary Robinson and Juan Manuel Santos discuss what the Biden administration will mean for climate action, and how COVID-19 and climate change alike disproportionally affect already vulnerable groups.


Juan Manuel Santos reflects on how the world has an opportunity for a global reset in 2021, following the COVID-19 pandemic, in our latest newsletter.


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