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leadership to tackle existential threats


The climate and nature crises, pandemics, nuclear weapons and the emerging risks of AI – we face a set of threats that put all humanity in jeopardy. Our leaders are not responding with the wisdom and urgency required. It is time for a change of direction.

The Elders, in partnership with the Future of Life Institute, are today publishing an open letter urging leaders to act on existential threats.

The letter calls for decision-makers to show long-view leadership. This means showing the determination to resolve intractable problems not just manage them, the wisdom to make decisions based on scientific evidence and reason, and the humility to listen to all those affected.


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The open letter has been co-signed by a diverse global coalition from politics, civil society, science, philanthropy, activism and the arts. Over 150 global leaders, experts and public figures from nearly 60 countries have come together to urge decision-makers to collaborate on bold, practical solutions. Will you join us?


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“Long-view leadership … means making decisions that go beyond short-term politics and delivering solutions for people struggling now, as well as future generations.”

– Mary Robinson


“The range of signatories to this open letter makes clear our shared concern: we need world leaders who understand the existential threats we face and the urgent need to address them.”

– Ban Ki-moon


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