Join The Elders for a week of online talks and discussions about the global state of hope from 12 July.

Have you ever wondered if the world will find a way to agree on global issues such as how to tackle climate change and end violent conflict? Is it possible to achieve universal respect for human rights, given persistent political hypocrisy? Where do we even start to tackle the multi-faceted global crisis of injustice? And what does it take to make peace – and keep it?


The Elders’ State of Hope – featuring Mary Robinson, Zeid Raad Al Hussein, Hina Jilani and Juan Manuel Santos – will reflect on some of the world’s most intractable challenges, drawing on the sense of hope embodied by Nelson Mandela as they seek to spark a wider discussion about the shared problems we all face.In just two weeks’ time, The Elders will embark on a week of online talks and discussions about what hope means – and where it can be found.

Watch The Elders’ State of Hope talks from 12 July

Join the Elders live online on 16 July.